Do I have a Gambling Addiction Problem?

What is a Gambling Addiction?

Gambling is the activity of funding a wager concerning an event with uncertain outcome. Considering the widespread nature of the various gambling opportunities – from hard-core Casino, Poker, Sportsbooks and their sort, through

casual gambling activities such as lottery, bingo, scratchcards, etc. up to a friendly bet between colleagues on the office lunch-break.

An addiction to gambling is when the habit of gambling becomes a detrimental and even destructive factor in the gambler’s life. While most of us are capable of incorporating gambling-related activities into our leisure schedule with

little to no affect on our daily lives, a certain portion of the population is pre-dispensed to gamble without regards to personal & social well being.

From a high-stakes poker game, to an endless amount of coins fed into a slot-machine one quarter after the other, the immediate affect gambling addiction has on its victim is a financial distress. Since funds are one of two elements

required for any form of gambling (the other being an event with uncertain outcome) – as soon as recreational gambling becomes addictive, the loss of money begins.

Who is a Gambling Addict?

As with any addiction, gambling turns from a reasonable activity into a form of abuse once the act of gambling is both compulsory & damaging. Gambling Addiction Guidance (GAG) aims to assist and support

both addicts and their victims, which are often dependents of the addicts (namely family members).

Until recently, gambling addicts had to be present in gambling venues, since the act of placing a bet most commonly demanded a physical presence in the process. The telephone offered punters the option of calling their bookie in

order to wager on a public match and learning the result from the press, but no 2 media channels have been crucial to the spread of betting into day-to-day life as the internet & the smartphone.

Realistically, a person could maintain a seemingly healthy lifestyle, including a regular job, while secretly obsessing over a gambling app (often an online casino or poker room) on a personal smartphone/tablet. Considering that being

constantly occupied with one’s mobile is an acceptable behaviour, mobile betting addiction could be left unnoticed even until extreme stages of severity were achieved.

If you would like to assess whether you or any of your loved ones has a gambling addiction problem – please take a few minutes and complete this short gambling addiction test.

Is there a Cure for Gambling Addiction?

The short answer is – Yes. The longer answer is that there are treatments which if strictly observed may lead to a gambling-free life for the addict. Since these treatments are almost always multi-layered (counselling, medication,

group therapy, etc.) and demand a high level of self-control from the addict – the success rate is in direct ratio to the addict’s circle of support.

If you wish to learn more about available treatments, please refer to our gambling addiction treatment page, where we maintain a comprehensive index of sources for your benefit. Please also bear in mind

that essentially everyone reading these lines is struggling with similar circumstances as you, so sharing, inquiring, commenting and discussing are all warmly encouraged.

Best wishes,
GAG Team.

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